Stencil materials

The material of metal stencil is the high quality thin stainless sheet.
We provide the customers the top material made by Japanese steel manufacturing technology
to meet the customer's requirements.
We, Brux Japan, are Japanese technical trading company of the metal stencil equipments.
In relation to it, we can manipulate the material of metal stencil to use with our knowledge, handling technology and a business network of Japanese steel mills.
And also, we can provide it flexibly to meet the customer’s requests e.g. a quality, size, thickness and the quantity.

We can answer in case of following:

  • To save the material cost
  • To have a higher quality material
  • To use new material
  • Urgent necessary of the material

The trendy stainless sheet for the metal stencil purpose.

Finer Grain Stencil FGM-301L

This material can be processed more precisely, due to generation of the uniformed steel molecular structure and smooth surface.

This material will be the high quality metal stencil of the next generation. Customer’s inquiries are increasing day by day in the precision electronics field.

Our recommendation

Product Name
SUS304 3/4HTA
Standard Stencil
SUS304 HSR-2
Finer Grain Stencil
SUS301EHTA (hardness: min. HV490)
*standard SUS304HTA hardness: min. HV370
Hard Stencil
Thin Stencil (thickness 20 – 50µm)
Magnetized Material
Special Stencil

We provide it flexibly to meet the customer's requests e.g. a quality, size, thickness and quantity to all over the world.
If you have any requirements or any questions, please feel free to contact us.

For example:

Metal stencil manufacturer in Europe.

The customer would like to have a discount although the large amount that will be ordered at once. Also the customer would like to split the payment and the delivery matching to the timing of the customer’s requirement.

We have succeeded customer’s request to our counterpart. Also we have stock by ourselves and realize the delivery spited. The customer is much satisfying for our correspondence, because they could save the initial cost.

The precision electronics equipments manufacturer in South East Asia.

The customer needs the 0.100mm thickness stainless sheet for 20kg in urgent.

We could prepare their request from our stock only in 2 hours after the first contact.
We have packed it and finished the documents for exporting, and arranged air freight in the same day.
It has taken only 4 days to customer site as a result.

Metal stencil manufacturer in South Asia.

They would like to us consult about the laser cutting for metal stencil with a huge numbers of small apertures.

Our engineer found the problem due to analyzing the customer’s system and using materials.
The problem was solved with our stainless sheet. And then the customer satisfied our materials are suitable for their system.


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